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who was the best captain on star trek kirk picard janeway sisko or archer Malta


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The Greatest Star Trek Captains Of All Time

star trek captains ranked from worst to best space january is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. the way we kick off a new year informs the months that follow, and thats why were living our best capricorn-season lives and declaring it the month of the goat, celebrating the greatests of all time in genre. from the best star trek captains to our favorite strong female characters, were honoring the greats all month long.

The Top Star Trek Captains Fandom

After votes you said the best star trek captain jan 09, 2018 captain benjamin sisko star trek: deep space nine this one was a surprise since it was a recent big binge on netflix. the most wonderful thing about watching deep space nine as an adult is seeing captain benjamin sisko play mentor, leader, and father.

Star Trek Reasons Why Picard Is Still The Best Captain

One of star trek s greatest captains had us scratching aug 17, 2018 but there are certain things that trek fans know are worth fighting for, and perhaps the biggest thing to fight for is which captain was the best. there are fans of every trek captain, of course. some think that kirk will always be the best, while others enjoy dark horse candidates like janeway, archer, and even lorca.

Star Trek Beverages And The Captains Who Love Them

Trek general polls latest topics star trek: the next generation was a different show from its predecessor. few knew this better than star treks most dedicated fans. after crowding around their televisions to watch the 1987 premiere, fans quickly took notice of the changes in the set design, cinematography, even the enterprise itself but perhaps the most jarring change came in the form of one jean-luc picard.

Benjamin Sisko Is Better Than Picard And Kirk Neogaf

Which star trek captain is the best hollywood reporter apr 20, 2020 picard kirk sisko archer janeway last edited: apr 18, 2020. reactions: tesseract. foamy unconfirmed member. that was a great episode and one of the best star trek episodes but In the pale moonlight still is very special in that it encapsulates the core idea of deep

Most Entertaining Star Trek Captain Girlsaskguys

reasons why captain janeway is the best star trek captain feb 16, 2021 started watching about a year ago, so havent watched everything. only really know, kirk, picard and janeway. but watched voyager first without realising there were more and was hooked. not sure about sisko, only watched the first season of deep space nine. cant believe ive actually found trekkies, cant seem to find any my age.

Kate Mulgrew To Return As Captain Janeway In Star Trek

Most entertaining star trek captain girlsaskguys oct 08, 2020 just like non fans only thought of kirk as captain kirk even when he was already an admiral in the movies and captain picard although he is now a retired admiral on that show. reiga october

Reasons Why Captain Janeway Is The Best Star Trek Captain

Star trek beverages and the captains who love them sep 11, 2013 reasons why captainsisko is the best star trek captain was the first for the simple reason his was the easiest to write. had hoped to move on with original kirk, picard, janeway, archer, and then possibly kirk .0. yeah, right! something, something, plans, something, something, mice.

Leadership Styles We Can Learn From Star Trek

Star trek top captain amp commander duos ranked captain benjamin sisko thegreatlinkyoutube captain benjamin sisko starts out the series as a lieutenant commander, the starfleet officer in charge of

Captains Picard And Kirk Could Convince Kate Mulgrew To

Starfleet rankings who s the best star trek captain oct 20, 2018 there had been other female captains who appeared in star trek episodes to that point, but mulgrews janeway is the only one to serve as the central character of a star trek TV series.

The Captains Quarters Star Trek Floor Plans Angie S List

Star trek reasons why benjamin sisko is the greatest star trek: voyager. the first female captain on a star trek series, kathryn janeways quarters on voyager were mostly similar in size and layout to those on picards enterprise, with a large desk for working and a seating area under the windows for more informal chats.

Scott D Pierce Who S The Best Star Trek Captain Ever

Rating the star trek captains by their cars hagerty media apr 14, 2019 benjamin sisko sisko a commander when the show began, was promoted to captain at the end of season and he had to balance his

Liberia Star Trek Th Anniversary Kirk Picard

Every star trek captain ranked worst to best find many great new & used options and get the best deals for liberia 2016 star trek anniversary kirk, picard, janeway, sisko, archer mnh at the best online prices at ebay! free shipping for many products!

Rating The Star Trek Captains By Their Cars Hagerty Media

Scott d pierce who s the best star trek captain ever aug 29, 2018 captain picard is certainly a very popular captain, but is he the best captain on star trek? fans are quick to take sides and defend their favorite, be it picard, no-nonsense captain janeway, the captain kirk, or one of the others who manned the helm.

Kate Mulgrew Says Picard And Janeway Were Only Real Trek

The best star trek captains ranked by competency dec 17, 2012 It is a truth universally acknowledged amongst fans everywhere that there are five captains in the star trek universe: captain james kirk from the original series; captain jean-luc picard from the next generation; captain benjamin sisko from deep space nine; captain kathryn janeway from voyager and captain jonathan archer from enterprise.

Best Quot Star Trek Quot Captain Page Science Fiction

Top star trek captains ranked theranic writing jul 22, 2019 janeway janeway comes in a close second. feel like janeway had the roughest ride out of all of the captains. stranded with an epic journey home in unsafe space ahead. she did a damn good job. kirk kirk last of all even though always liked kirk he was fast with the fists and the lips. siskoarcher

Performers Considered For Star Trek Roles Memory Alpha

Star trek reads hailing frequencies rank the star trek although she was not given the role of captain janeway on voyager, she did marry scott bakula, the man who took over the captains chair on the next star trek series, star trek: enterprise. the two met while working on the 1994 film passion to kill; they married in 1996 and have two sons. david gautreaux main article: david gautreaux

Ep Star Trek Captain Who S The Best

Which quot star trek quot captain are you howstuffworks klingon to your seat as the pod boldly goes in search of the best star trek captain the result could get some trekkers in a twist. dominic keating, who appeared in all episodes of star trek: enterprise, as lieutenant malcolm reed, shares stories from the bridge in between debating the merits of kirk, picard, sisko, janeway, archer and co.

Let S Settle This Nerds Who S The Best Star Trek Captain

The ultimate ranking of the best star trek captains jul 07, 2020 not sure can pick between sisko or picard. In terms of series probably preferred a tad more over tng. As far as specific captain moments, picard has some of the favorite speeches and quotes of trek that ive watched but sisko also has some of my favorite scenes from all of trek,

The Ultimate Ranking Of The Best Star Trek Captains

Let s settle this nerds who s the best star trek captain sep 22, 2017 kathryn janeway, voyager janeway, star treks only major female captain, was forced into an impossible situation: An alien transported her ship and crew years away from earth while they were

Which Quot Star Trek Quot Captain Are You Howstuffworks

Ep star trek captain who s the best Do you see yourself as james kirk, jean-luc picard, kathryn janeway, jonathan archer or benjamin sisko? everyone has to navigate unexplored terrain and unexpected obstacles out in the world, but how you react to these situations provides insight into how you align with the many different types of leaders out there.

Star Trek Reads Hailing Frequencies Rank The Star Trek

Captains picard and kirk could convince kate mulgrew to feb 05, 2020 picard sisko janeway kirk archer pike havent seen much of discovery yet so Im not sure about that captain. had a hard time deciding whether preferred sisko or janeway, but is probably my favorite star trek so went with sisko.

Top Star Trek Captains Ranked Theranic Writing

Most entertaining star trek captain girlsaskguys arguably, captain sisko is the most important tng-era captain. while picard got to enjoy the relative peace of the and janeway was off speeding through the delta quadrant, sisko got right into the thick of political intrigue and all-out warfare. captain sisko made sure that paradise wasnt lost. captain james tiberius kirk

The Best Star Trek Captains Ranked By Competency

Performers considered for star trek roles memory alpha mar 13, 2019 managerial style: glum as hell.some behind-the-scenes info: jeffrey hunters captain pike was supposed to be the protagonist of the original star trek series. nbc passed, but gave gene

Every Star Trek Captain Ranked Worst To Best

Best quot star trek quot captain page science fiction oct 21, 2019 janeway, portrayed by kate mulgrew of orange is the new black, had a long road ahead of her from day one.she was the first female captain headlining a star trek series, and nerds arent famous for loving change. then, with that super unfair strike already against her, she took command of the ship just before it was sucked through the array and spit out 70,000 light

Star Trek Reasons Why Benjamin Sisko Is The Greatest

Kate mulgrew says picard and janeway were only real trek aug 27, 2013 Or do you like jonathan archer because he was sam beckett in quantum leap? for me, captain benjamin sisko is the best of the best, but against stiff competition it is going to be a hard case to sell.

Starfleet Rankings Who S The Best Star Trek Captain

Rating the star trek captains by their cars hagerty media oct 12, 2020 In star trek, captains are the best of the best. while admiral is a higher rank, its the captains chair everybodys after. geek guest writer shane smith ranks the captains of the star trek franchise- and you might be surprised by his pick!

Star Trek Top Captain Amp Commander Duos Ranked

Scott d pierce who s the best star trek captain ever may 31, 2020 while star trek is always, ultimately, about the voyages of one ship and its crew, there is always a serious focal point on the captains and the commanders that support them. theres a reason people adore the tag-team duos of picard and riker, kirk and spock. these pairs are the heart and soul of not only the show, but the ship itself.

Which Star Trek Captain Is The Best Hollywood Reporter

The top star trek captains fandom more than any other trek, the captain is central to the series; the show grows with him. couch: agree that sisko is the most human of any of the star trek captains. hes the only one with an

Trek General Polls Latest Topics

Captain sisko the greatest trek captain of all ew com that leaves janeway and sisko. janeway, like, but she acted too illogical at times, such as in equinox and the swarm. then there was that episode when she sat in her room in the dark for days, and her affair with hologram--i think would like a captain with a more leveled head. sisko sits well with me on most episodes.

One Of Star Trek S Greatest Captains Had Us Scratching

Liberia star trek th anniversary kirk picard oct 06, 2011 picard, kirk, sisko, janeway, archer, in my book. picard was more cerebral, perhaps to a fault at times, but as far as being an effective leader, by far the best. kirk was more action-oriented and a better gambler, and probably a more inspiring figure, but kirk also had the benefit of spock, the most compelling character in all of st, and the

After Votes You Said The Best Star Trek Captain

Scott d pierce who s the best star trek captain ever dec 16, 2012 kirk 3439 picard 2113 sisko 1283 We absolutely agree that janeway was the most courageous; after all, she was a captain without resources, steering the voyager across the delta quadrant without help from starfleet. We also agree that picard was the most intelligent.